Agartha’s board



Chairman of the Board

Greg has nearly thirty years’ experience in the real estate industry, including founder and former CEO of Victoria Park. During his time as CEO of HSB Malmö, he led the work of completing the now iconic Turning Torso. As an entrepreneur he has become a familiar face in Malmö and a few years ago he was awarded as the Role Model Entrepreneur of the Year by the Founders’ Alliance network.



Board member

Peter has long experience as a board member and holds positions in several different corporate boards. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Swedish Logistic Property AB and Mandiri AB. and board member of Fridab AB, BrainLit AB, Diös Fastigheter AB and Rosengård Fastighets AB. Peter holds an M.Sc. and was previously CEO of Victoria Park AB, Tribona AB and Annehem Fastigheter AB. He was also Chairman of the Board at Victoria Park.



Board member

Fredrik is the founder and partner of Fredersen Law Firm since 2006. He is responsible for different areas of business law at the company. Between 2002-2006 he worked at the Vinge KB law firm in Malmö. Prior to that he was a corporate lawyer. Fredrik completed his law degree in 1997 at Lund University. He qualified as a junior judge at Halmstad District Court.



Board member

Esabelle has worked in the in the political sphere since 2003. She was a Member of Parliament between 2006 and 2008 and third vice-president 2014–2018. Previously, Esabelle worked in the public sector and works voluntarily in various associations and businesses.